Expectant Mothers Should Not Take Depakote And Here’s Why

The Dangers Of Taking Depakote While Pregnant


As if the pregnancy period isn’t tough enough mothers now have to worry about the drugs they are using. Dealing with constant cravings, back aches and 9 months without alcohol builds up the pressure. This leads the mothers to be into using drugs. Depakote an anti-seizure and is approved by the FDA. Apart from treating seizures it is used to ease migraines and bipolar disorder. According to research one out of four mothers used Depakote during her pregnancy. Why Depakote and pregnancy, Depakote side effects shouldn’t be used in pregnancy.


Leads to birth defects

Depakote has lead to higher birth defects among its users. Congenital defects and fetal death cases were widely reported. Research done by a top neurologist showed that it had side effects on the development of the foetus. Depakote contains valproate, which is a high risk substance to the unborn child. The research was conducted in 2010 following a massive lawsuit concerning the drugs side effects. 25 epilepsy centers took part in the massive research and 333 mothers involved. The neural development of the infants was closely monitored. It was concluded that the drug does bear risk to the infants and even amount to the death of the foetus. Pregnancies of 20% of the women who took part in ended up with adverse outcomes.


Lowers the IQ of the child

While most babies were ok, it later emerged that the drug affected lowered the IQ of children. Usage of the antiepileptic drug hampered proper growth of the brain. Depakote has had harmful side effects to the fetus. Investigators later tried to implement better dosage levels that won’t affect the infants brain. Since the drug is a neural suppressor there is no sure way of guaranteeing that it won’t affect your child. It is advisable you avoid taking Depakote during the entire pregnancy. Lower IQ can’t be cured and hampers the learning rate of the child.



The Reasons Why Taking Depakote Can Harm Your Baby

Beware Of Depakote While Pregnant


depakote birth defectsDepakote has been associated with a lot of dangerous and at times deadly side effects including cleft palate, birth defects, fetal death, heart malformations, growth retardation, spina bifida, neural tube birth injury, and much more. It is possible to bring Depakote Litigation against the maker Abbott Laboratories and you should contact a Depakote Attorney for a free legal consultation.



Depakote Litigation Advice


You can qualify for compensation to assist together with the cost of your medical expenses, in addition to your pain and suffering in the event you or a beloved one has experienced adverse side effects from using Depakote.


Depakote FDA Black Box Warnings


Depakote has been connected to:


  • Liver failure and liver damage and
  • Birth Defects like spina bifida and neural tube defects
  • Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas


The FDA has already issued warnings for this product.


What Is Depakote?


Depakote is a prescription medicine used to treat seizures, mania related to bipolar disorder and migraine headaches.


Depakote Side Effects


The negative effects related to the drug are frequently serious and occasionally life threatening. While Depakote can help treat epilepsy, mania associated with bipolar disorder, and migraine headaches they can produce the following side effects:


  • Birth defects
  • Cleft Palate
  • Fetal Death
  • Growth Retardation
  • Hand Deformations
  • Heart Malformations
  • Neural Tube Birth Harm
  • Spina Bifida
  • Skeletal Birth Defects


Depakote FDA Label Change


On particular types of the drug, the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) approved a Depakote security label change in April 2009. The label change included new information about the risk of taking Depakote during pregnancy as well as the association of suicidal behavior with Depakote.


The FDA approved the Depakote label change and stated that using other AED’s and Depakote may raise the risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior. The change of label noted that pregnant girls that take Depakote should enroll in the NAADPR(North America Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry).


FDA Black Box Warnings about Depakote


The FDA already warned customers that Depakote has been linked to:


  • Inflammation or Pancreatitis of the pancreas
  • Liver damage and liver failure
  • Birth Defects like neural tube defects and spina bifida


Depakote Birth Defects


One of the most serious side effects from Depakote treatment is birth defects when taken during pregnancy. These risks were recognized by the FDA and announced to the general public in 2006. Research suggested that birth defects were found in 20 percent of pregnant Depakote users. After these findings, the FDA required a black-box warning to be included in the Depakote merchandise packaging.


In 2009, the FDA released a comprehensive warning about the negative effects of taking Depakote. Especially, it mentioned the chance of heart, craniofacial, and neural tube defects in developing embryos. Suicidal ideas and inclinations from Depakote use were also announced.


Alarming advice from the New England Journal of Medicine was printed in 2010. The analysis revealed that six unique birth defects occurred when Depakote was consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant Depakote users faced a 12 fold risk when it came to their own babies. Another Depakote warning was released by the FDA in the year 2012. In comparison to non Depakote users’ children, babies who were exposed in the uterus to Depakote generally scored lower in IQ tests and other measures of cognitive function.


Depakote Law Suit Claims


depakote lawsuitThere have been several medical lawsuits concerning Depakote users. Depakote lawsuits that are present concentrate on the claim that Depakote caused debilitating birth defects in pregnant women. Depakote suit plaintiffs allege that the firm did not warn the public of the total extent of risks related to Depakote use. Many allege that Abbott Laboratories were negligent in their own duty to protect the general public from being damaged from Depakote use.


In Illinois federal court in July of 2012, there was a Depakote suit filed against Abbott Laboratories. These women claimed that Depakote use throughout their pregnancies caused birth defects in their own babies. In January 2013, a Depakote suit was filed. The South Carolina citizen asserts that his spina bifida illness was caused from by his mother taking Depakote while he was in the uterus.


Filing For Depakote Litigation


Depakote suits continue to be filed against Abbott Laboratories. Depakote users who believe that Depakote treatment damaged their offspring during pregnancy could have the right to receive monetary settlement from Abbott Laboratories. Likewise, mature children who believe that their mother’s Depakote use caused their birth defects could even have the right to compensation.